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Smitty has been innovating within the fantasy football industry since 2003, creating arguably the first instant fantasy football trade calculator and instant fantasy football draft simulator).

Smitty is most known for his Bold Predictions, which he began famously-dropping on CBS/NBC Sports Radio back in 2003. Smitty has co-hosted what's believed to be the world's longest-running fantasy football radio show, a show that has been on-air for a record-breaking 23-straight years (bouncing around from NBC Sports Radio to CBS Sports Radio).

Smitty created The Fantasy Football Show (YouTube) in 2019, and he uploads a video, or goes live, essentially every single day of the year.

You can find Smitty's YouTube Show here: TheFantasyFootballShow

You can find all of Smitty's Rankings, Bold Predictions, Trade Calculators and more at his content website:

The (3) places you can find Smitty's work are: TheFantasyFootballShow, and

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