smitty fantasy football 2021

Smitty has been innovating within the fantasy football industry since 2003-2004, creating arguably the first instant fantasy football trade calculator (same can be said about the industry's first draft simulator).

He is also a co-host on the world's longest-running fantasy football radio show, which has been on air for a record-breaking 23 years straight (bouncing around from NBC Sports Radio to CBS Sports Radio).

After starting up and running multiple content sites for over 20 years, Smitty stepped away from it all to create his biggest vision of them all... The Fantasy Football Show (YouTube).  In just two short seasons, Smitty has grown his "The Fantasy Football Show" brand like wildfire on all of the major social media platforms.

You can find Smitty's YouTube Show here: TheFantasyFootballShow

You can find all of Smitty's Rankings, Bold Predictions, Trade Calculators and more at his content website:

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