Meet the 12 Experts in Throne

aka 'teamSmitty'

Smitty from The Fantasy Football Show
Smitty is the creator of The Fantasy Football Throne. Smitty has been a professional analyst in the fantasy football industry for 19 years, co-hosted the world's longest fantasy football radio show on CBS Sports Radio (23 years running), and is host of The Fantasy Football Show on YouTube. Find Smitty at:

aka 'Couch Fam'
aka "The Brain"

Huseyin “The Brain” - Fantasy Couch
Fantasy Couch, Huseyin “The Brain” Aksu, host of Fantasy Couch on YouTube, has been a staple in the fantasy football industry since 2008. He has over 35,000 YouTube Subscribers, over 20,000 Instagram Followers, over 53,000 Twitter followers... the list goes on and on.

The other expert profles to post later today!